Best Bible Verse in a Terminator Movie

bible verse and terminator movie

The Bible verse is Amos 5:4. ¬†Watch the YouTube below. OK, the words don’t match exactly, but, implications are the same. This Bible verse is so direct … Seek me and live.

We hesitate to follow God because we fear what will happen if we do. What if he punishes me for the bad I’ve done, or, tries to teach me a lesson by making me face ruination? Plus, just like the mom in this clip, I have a heard about this God and feel like I have a history with him. Can he really be trusted?

If you’re familiar with the original Terminator movie, Arnold played a deadly, unstoppable robot on a mission to kill the mom seen in this clip. Certainly that history is recalled when she recognizes Arnold striding toward her in this clip. In a terrific twist, the Terminator in the sequel movie, shown here, is instead trying to save the mom and her son.

The juxtaposition of her son imploring her to trust this current Terminator and her memory of the previous Terminator is portrayed so well in the clip. Yet, one can see on her face that desperate feeling that to trust him is the only way to be saved.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ tells us that we are in a desperate situation because of our sin, and, we are doomed to destruction.  Though we may have fear about trusting God, it is the only way to be saved; we must take His hand, seek Him, and live.

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